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The dress code is intended to sustain safety for all who are on campus. Please be advised that consequences will be given for students who fail to comply with our new standards.

All aspects of students dress must be solid and in proper condition (without graphics/embellishments, holes, fraying, cutting or damage). The only logo permitted is the West Gate school logo. Only the following is permitted on campus:

  • Shirts (polo/uniform style)- Solid, collared shirt with sleeves. Shirts must remain buttoned up and tucked in at all times. West Gate Mustang T-shirts are permitted.

  • Trousers/Pants (uniform style- NO Jeans/Denim)- Solid; Black, Navy Blue, (Tan) Khaki, or Brown worn at the waist (not rolled up or tucked in socks) with the belt visible (if belt loops are present).

  • Skirts, Skorts, and Shorts (No Jeans/Denim) must be knee length or longer. Leggings are not permitted. Capri pants are permitted.

  • Shoes- must be closed toe with back straps. No bedroom slippers or sandals of any type. Heels must be 1 inch or less. Shoes must be a matched pair. Socks and laces must be solid and match. Laces must remain laced up and tied. Pants can not be tucked into socks.

  • Belts- Solid color and plain with a plain belt buckle no larger than 2 inches. Belt buckles with names are not permitted.

  • Jackets/Sweaters Not oversized, SOLID with full button or zipper in front (must remain open during class time).

  • Jewelry- Piercing in ears only. Earrings must be 2 inches or smaller. Single, simple necklaces only (no chains)

  • Hair- Natural hair color only. No distracting hair styles.

  • Absolutely No visible undergarments (including tank-tops, camisoles, t-shirts, and boxers)

    The following are not permitted on campus:

  • No camouflage on anything, including backpacks
  • No Combs in hair
  • No Bandannas or hats (unless outside for recess or PE)
  • No Chains on clothing
  • No Tattoos
  • No sunglasses unless administrative approval is given.
  • **Disclaimer:
    The individual school’s administration/designee shall be the final judge of wearing apparel/accessories. They will determine whether or not such is appropriate, disruptive, offensive, distracting or in violation of health and safety rules. No clothing/accessories are permitted that promote drugs, tobacco, alcohol or violence.